Auto Glass Repair

Auto glass repair doesn’t have to be an expensive repair cost, as long as stone chips are being repaired immediately. Driving with a chip or crack in your car glass is very dangerous and also illegal.

At Quality Assured Collision and Glass the damaged auto glass will be inspected first to evaluate if a replacement is necessary. Depending on the degree of damage most rock chips can be fixed within minutes and windshield replacement is not necessary.

Auto glass repair – A must?

A damaged windshield is not only dangerous but also illegal and should be repaired immediately. Smaller windshield fractures like stone chips can usually be repaired within minutes and save you on average 70%. Large breaks and cracks on the hand leave no other option than the installation of a new windshield.

A damaged windshield cannot withstand an impact and therefore compromised the safety of you and your passengers as well.

For at home or office convenience, take advantage of our Mobile Auto Glass Repair services by Maximum Collision in Abbotsford and White Rock.