car painting

Wear and tear happens to any car, no matter if old or new. Especially here on West Coast, sunlight, rain and salty air can break down the color and finish or your car. But not only Mother Nature and Father Time can break down your car paint. Damages are the most common cause for car painting and scratch repair needs.

Complete Car Painting

As the name already says, complete car painting is recommended when you want to give your car a completely new look by changing its color or when the old paint is worn out and needs a touch up. Read more under Custom Paint & Restorations

Parts Painting or Spot Painting

Especially after smaller accidents you don’t need a complete car painting. Sometimes only one or two panels need to be painted. Areas affected by the damage are chemically cleaned and block sanded to ensure a flawless car-painting surface. Once the areas are painted we blend the new and old care paint and you won’t even notice a repair.

Clear Coating

At Quality Assured we use high quality PPG Envirobase High Performance Clearcoat for all paint jobs. The clear coat will not only protect you car paint but also give it its nice glossy shine. Clear Coat comes in variety of finishes, like flat, matte, semi-gloss and gloss. For repairs we will match your car’s existing clear coat and use your selected clear coat on complete car painting jobs.

At any Quality Assured shop, you’ll find well skilled technicians delivering guaranteed good work. We use high quality PPG Envirobase High Performance Paint and Clearcoat for all paint jobs and utilize computerized colour mixing to ensure the perfect match. We remove all mouldings, decals, trims, and handles to prevent overspray. Our services include:

  • Tri-coat painting
  • Two-tone painting
  • Bumper retexturing
  • Clear coating
  • Pin-striping
  • Detailing
  • Sanding refinishing
  • Prepping refinishing
  • Paint Application
  • Clear coat refinishing

We stand by our scratch and paint refinishing with a guarantee for the lifetime of the vehicle.