All our collision repair shops are a one-stop shop for your collision repair needs. We accept all insurance claims and offer insurance claim processing, vehicle disassembly and estimating, panel repair and replacing, welding, and frame pulling and repair.

All collision repair shops have exceeded ICBC’s qualifications for their c.a.r. shop VALET program and guarantee all collision repair work for as long as you own your vehicle. Additionally to all collision repairs we do damage estimate for ICBC as well. Therefore, if your damage estimate does not need to be done at an ICBC claim center (they will let you know), you can get the estimate and the collision repair work done at one place.

Collision Repairs easy and convenient with replacement vehicles

When you need collision repair work done, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you and keep you moving. If you have to work or have limited time to bring your car in, we’ll come to where you are, drop off a replacement vehicle, and drive away in your car, bringing it to our shop for repairs. This way you have alternate transportation while we work on your vehicle. We’ll pick up the replacement car when we drop off your newly-repaired vehicle.  Easy for you and convenient for us.

Paying for your Collision Repairs

When you pick up your car at one of our shops or when the car is returned to you, you might have to pay

  • a deductible – the amount you have to pay for repairs or costs before your insurance kicks in to pay for the rest
  • a portion of the cost of depreciation – when previously damaged or worn parts are repaired or replaced, or previously damaged or worn bodywork is painted
  • GST

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