wheel alignment

Wheel alignment, is part of the standard car maintenance program. It makes sure that the angles of the wheels are set to the car manufacturer’s specification. It also reduces tires wear and ensures that the vehicle travels straight without pulling to one side.

A typical wheel alignment on an economy sedan usually takes about one hour under ideal circumstances. A performance or utility vehicle might require more time. If hardware and fasteners are rusted or seized, extra pats may be required as well. Brig your vehicle to any of our Quality Assured Collision and Glass shops and we can inspect the wheels and make any adjustments that might be necessary. If you have an ICBC claim, the cost of the wheel alignment may be covered if there is evidence that a wheel has sustained claim related damage.

Wheel Alignment – Why it is necessary

Like your shoes will ware out if you walk only on the outside or inside edge, your tires may wear out unevenly if not within the allowed manufacture’s specifications.  An incorrect wheel alignment can also cause damage to the springs and other components. Also your vehicles braking distance, fuel economy and ride quality can be affected negatively.

Whenever there has been impact to the wheels on your vehicle, it is a good idea to check the wheel alignment. A good indicator if the wheel alignment is off, is the uneven wear of our tires, squeals while turning corners on dry pavement, your car drifting to one side or a vibrating steering wheel. Quite often you can see it on your steering wheel as well when you are driving straight, but your steering wheel is not centered.

Changing rims and tires normally does not affect the wheel alignment. Get your wheel alignment checked regularly. An out-of-alignment car is a result of daily driving. The wheel alignment will make sure you does not only drive straight and handles properly, but it also makes your car ride safer.