Auto Glass Repair

Your safety and the safety of your passengers depends on professional glass repair and the installation of only high-quality glass products. Quality Assured Collision & Glass locations employ certified technicians with the knowledge, skills, and expertise for glass repair and installations you can trust.

Glass repair services are available at all of our QA locations, and most of our members are ICBC-approved Glass Express facilities. We install and repair auto glass for all vehicle makes and models.

Auto Glass Installation

We install all of the following auto glass:

  • Front & Back Windshields
  • Side Windows
  • Quarter Glass
  • Sun/Moon Roof Glass

If you have tinted windows, we can accurately match the color and shade of the tint in replacement glass.

Auto Glass & Vehicle Safety

Auto glass is engineered to be an integral part of a vehicle’s structural support and a crucial component of vital safety systems. Windshields, for example, contribute to between 30 and 70 percent of vehicle roof strength.

In a roll-over accident, the integrity of the windshield will prevent roof collapse, protecting the vehicle occupants from injury. Furthermore, proper airbag deployment is dependent upon the support of an intact windshield.

Another way that auto glass contributes to safety is its function in keeping occupants safely inside the vehicle. There are many documented cases of incompetently installed windshields that “pop out” in an accident, leaving the occupants at risk of being ejected from the vehicle.

The National Glass Association affirms, ”Proper windshield installation is as important to your safety as seat belts, airbags, and anti-lock brakes.”

Auto Glass Repair

Any damage to auto glass can potentially compromise the integrity and safety of your entire vehicle, putting you and your passengers at risk if not promptly repaired.

The safety of your vehicle depends on having a glass expert assess damage from the following causes:

  • Rocks impacting the windshield (rock chips)
  • Collisions / Accidents
  • Car break-ins / Vandalism
  • Storm debris
  • Weather, such as hail
  • Extreme temperatures

Give us a call for all your auto glass needs. Quality Assured Collision & Glass technicians will inspect damaged glass and recommend repairs or replacement to ensure the continued effectiveness of your vehicle’s safety systems.