Man in a paint booth custom spray painting a car part

Car Painting & Scratch Repair Shop

All Quality Assured Collision & Glass auto body shops offer a full range of professional car painting services for paint jobs ranging from touch-ups and scratch repair to complete vehicle repainting.

High-Quality Eco-Friendly Paint Products

We use only high-quality PPG Envirobase High-Performance undercoat, basecoat, and clearcoat products. PPG paint products have the distinction of being the leading premium waterborne paint system in North America.

Among the advantages of the PPG system are the following:

    • Outstanding accuracy in color matching
    • Clear, vibrant and consistent colors
    • Eco-friendly products
      • low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
      • waterborne

Scratch Repair & Color Matching

When your car has been scratched, it is often a small area of your car that has been damaged. In most cases, you don’t need to have your entire vehicle repainted. Instead, panels can be painted individually.

We use computerized color matching technology to ensure that newly painted areas are an exact match to the original vehicle color. Areas affected by the damage are chemically cleaned and block sanded to ensure a flawless surface and an impeccable final product.

Our car painting services include:

    • Sanding, masking & prepping   
    • Primer, basecoat and clearcoat application
    • Tri-coat car painting
    • Two-tone car painting
    • Pinstriping
    • Bumper retexturing

Pre-Painting Preparation

More than anything else, an immaculate vehicle paint job relies on meticulous preparation. In fact, attention to detail in preparing the vehicle to be painted is fundamental to a professional quality paint job.

In the body repair shop, damaged vehicle panels are repaired, filled and sanded until a smooth surface is achieved. The entire surface to be painted must be perfectly blemish-free, without even the slightest indentation, bump or flaw.

After a final sanding with very fine grade sandpaper, the vehicle is pressure washed and the work area is cleaned to be free of dust and debris. Next, the vehicle is prepped for the painting process.

All moldings, decals, trim, and handles are removed and any parts of the vehicle that won’t be painted are masked for protection from overspray.

Undercoat/Basecoat/Clearcoat Application:

  • Undercoat – Primer and/or Sealer to protect vehicle from corrosion and improve basecoat adhesion
  • Basecoat This coat includes the color and is sprayed on in very fine layers
  • Clearcoat – A transparent final coat for both protection and shine