Muscle car in paint booth showing finished custom paint job

Car Restorations & Custom Paint Jobs

When you need a custom car restoration or paint job, Quality Assured Collision & Glass offers these specialized services at a number of our independently owned and operated locations throughout BC. For the specialized services of custom vehicle restoration and painting, we have one location that has been restoring vehicles for over 30 years: Little Valley Collision & Glass in Ladysmith.

What is Vehicle Restoration?

Vehicle restoration is the process of returning old, classic, partially scrapped or totalled vehicles back to their original condition. Some restorations focus on achieving a “like new” finished product, using reproduction parts when needed. On other projects that our collision and restoration shop works on, the preference is for authentic preservation, and original components will be used as much as possible.

The Car Restoration Process

    1.    Vehicle Disassembly

The vehicle is taken apart, piece by piece, and each component is assessed. Depending on the condition of each part, it will either be preserved, restored, or replaced.

    2.    Structural & Mechanical Restoration

The focus in this stage is on the chassis, engine, and other interior systems and components. 

    3.    Auto Body Work & Interior Restoration

The vehicle is reassembled, the exterior is primed and prepped for custom painting and interior elements such as the console and upholstery are restored.

    4.    Custom Car Painting

Paint colors are selected, along with graphics and decorative elements, such as flames or pinstripes. The vehicle is then meticulously painted and protected with a clear-coat finish.   

Custom car restoration is a labor of love. Many body shops do collision repairs as a means of supporting their passion for restoring classic vehicles to their former glory.

Restoration & Paint Shop Services

Every aspect of vehicle technology has changed dramatically over the years and vehicle paint is no exception. Technological advancements have improved the quality, resilience, and durability of automotive paint.

Additionally, car painting techniques have become more complex and specialized. While traditional flat black is still available, wild colors, metallic undercoats, aluminum glitter, and multi-layer applications make almost anything possible today.

We use only high-quality paint products such as PPG Envirobase High-Performance Paint and Clearcoat.

If you still have questions about car restoration car or custom paint jobs, or about the auto repair services offered at any of our 17 BC locations, please contact us.