Handing back the car keys following a collision repair

Local Car Valet Service at QA Collision

It is a requirement that all ICBC c.a.r. shop VALET locations offer Valet Service, and Quality Assured customers are welcome to take advantage of this unique and exclusive provision.

Along with auto body repairs and mechanicl repairs, c.a.r. shop VALET repair shops can also do ICBC damage estimates. This is very convenient for you, the customer. Additionally, your repairs are guaranteed by the repair shop for as long as you own your vehcile.

What is Valet Service?

Every vehicle owner shares the same dilemma when it comes time to take your car or truck into the shop for auto body repairs or service: Once your vehicle is dropped off, how do you get back home?

This service solves this problem by having your vehicle transported to a repair shop and delivered back again when the repairs are completed. Essentially, it is a vehicle pick-up and drop-off service that makes it easier for customers to get their car in for repairs.

Here’s How the Service Works

  1. Give the QA Collision repair shop near you a call to arrange a time to have your vehicle picked up from either your home or office.
  2. You will be met at the time and location you’ve arranged, so you can turn your vehicle over to the driver.
  3. Your vehicle will be driven to the repair shop for repairs.
  4. We will deliver your vehicle back to you when your repairs are completed. 

Valet Service is complimentary when your home (or office, if you prefer) is within 30 km of the intended Quality Assured Collision location.

Bonus: Your vehicle will always be returned to you washed and vacuumed.

Valet service is one of many ways that QA Collision helps make getting your vehicle repaired just a little bit easier. For more information about this or any of our other repair services, please contact us.