wheel alignment

Car Wheel Alignment Services

If you suspect that your wheels are out of alignment, bring your vehicle into any of our QA Collision shops for wheel alignment services. We’ll use our diagnostic equipment to make an accurate assessment.

If your wheels are out of alignment, we will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and make the necessary adjustments to realign your wheels. If there is evidence that any of your wheels has sustained insurance claim related damage, the cost of the wheel alignment services may be covered.

How do I know when my wheels are out of alignment?

Any of the following may (or may not) indicate wheel alignment issues, but you need to have your vehicle checked out if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Your tires appear to be wearing unevenly, they are balding too rapidly or there is an irregular pattern to the wear.
  • Your entire car, seat, or steering wheel start shaking when you drive above a particular speed threshold.
  • When you take your hands off the wheel, on a straight stretch of road, you notice your vehicle keeps veering off to one side.
  • You notice that you’re getting less gas mileage than usual.

What are some causes of wheel alignment damage?

Whenever the wheels of your vehicle are impacted by an unusually strong force, it is a good idea to consider wheel alignment services. Here are some “bumps in the road” that can cause your wheels to become suddenly misaligned:

  • Hitting a pothole
  • Bumping into a curb or barrier
  • Driving on an exceedingly bumpy road surface
  • Hitting an object or colliding with a large animal (a deer, for example)
  • Involvement in a motor vehicle accident

Keep in mind that even in the absence of any unusual impact on your wheels, misalignment will continue to occur, albeit more gradually. Getting your wheels aligned is a necessary part of regular vehicle maintenance.

How often should I get my wheel alignment checked?

It is especially important to ensure that your wheels are properly aligned when you purchase new tires. Misaligned wheels wear unevenly and you’ll need to replace them prematurely if proper wheel alignment is overlooked.

As a rule of thumb, get your alignment checked annually. Scheduling an alignment at the same time you have your tires rotated is a good way to take care of two vehicle maintenance issues at once.

If you still have questions about wheel alignments, please Contact QA Collision and we’d be pleased to help you.