Kurtis Gordey Makes Quality Assured Proud

Kurtis Gordey has made quite an impact on the Quality Assured family and is a shining example of the future of automotive service technicians. He is the son of Brian Gordey, owner of Armstrong Collision in the North Okanagan, and brother of Chris Gordey, manager at Armstrong Collision. It is not too often that we know someone with such dedication and accomplishment at a young age, so we thought we’d highlight Kurtis in our latest news article.

Although Kurtis is currently in university, he has a history to be proud of. Two years ago, when he was in Grade 11, he participated in SkillsBC where he won gold.  He went on to participate in the Skills Canada National Competition that same year and came in fourth place overall. And in 2013, during his Grade 12 year, he competed in SkillsBC again and won second place, earning silver. Quite an accomplishment, especially two years in a row! To commemorate his achievements and awards, he was then presented with the 2013 ATSO President’s Award, a very high honour.

This fall, Kurtis started his schooling at Okanagan College. For a number of years, he has been participating in a program called ACE-IT which enables high school students the opportunity to attend trades training classes while still in high school. This means that he got a jump on his education and apprenticeship completion and is currently in his third year of apprenticeship schooling when he’s only just started university. Talk about a head start!

Take a look at Kurtis in action:

Kurtis, you’ve done the Quality Assured family proud and we’re happy to have you as one of our own. Congratulations on your continued success!