Common Car Troubles – Don’t Let Your Car Fool You!

Common car troubles can be deceiving. Don’t be fooled.

Does it seem like your car’s been playing some dirty tricks on you this morning? Trying to get you to look like a fool in front of all the other cars? You may think these little inconveniences are harmless and that your car’s just being funny, but don’t take any chances behind the wheel.

In this post, we will discuss some of the telltale signs of common car troubles to watch out for and what you should do about them.


Has your car’s turn signal been coming on a little too fast? Don’t be fooled, it doesn’t mean your car wants you to speed up, it’s because your signal light is out.


Have you caught a whiff of smoke coming from under your car’s hood? That’s not the sweet smell of success, it may indicate your vehicle is overheating.


See a speck of dirt on your windshield? It’s not a love bite, it’s probably a rock chip that can eventually turn into an unrepairable crack if some serious TLC isn’t given.


Do you notice that your car is trying to steer you in a different direction? Not giving you the freedom to drive where you intend to? It’s probably trying to tell you that your wheels are misaligned and need to be straightened out.


Does your manual transmission refuse to go into gear? It’s not a sign of taking the corners too fast, you could be low on transmission fuel.


Tires look sleek? It’s not because of your slick driving skills — your tread is probably worn and you may need new tires.


And how about your brakes? Feel a little spongy? It’s not because your car has extra padding, air may have gotten into the brake lines or you may have low brake fluid.

This morning, if your car feels more like a prankster than a well-oiled machine, please bring it into one of our QA Collision shops and we’ll know how to tell if you’re being fooled right away.

Specializing in auto glass and auto body repair, we also do light mechanical work and we take these signs very seriously. Let us help make sure your vehicle is well-maintained for proper road and driving guidelines. This ain’t no laughing matter 😉

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