Environmental Paint Solutions

All our Quality Assured auto body repair shops throughout British Columbia uses only environmentally friendly car paint.

PPG Waterborne Paint

We are doing our part to improve the standards of the work we do with the help of PPG waterborne paint. By using this product, they are setting the bar for excellence and merit in the auto collision repair industry.

Ivan’s Auto Body Repair Shop

As a Quality Assured facility, Ivan’s Auto Body Repair Shop in Vancouver has been using PPG waterborne paint systems for over 10 years and has noticed a large difference in the end quality of their paint jobs.

“We were happy to introduce this paint at Ivan’s years ago because it’s better for the environment,” says Tom Curman, an estimator for Ivan’s Auto Body Repair Shop and son to Ivan. “As the product is comprised of lower VOC than solvent, it improves the air quality in the shop while maintaining the service that we’re known for.”

Curman notes that environmentally friendly car paint is beneficial for all who are working in the shop as it “makes the health and safety of our employees a priority.”

PPG waterborne paint doesn’t compromise the shop’s previous paint job quality. In fact, it’s “truly comparable to what we used before, performance-wise, but really surpasses the old stuff when it comes to odors and fumes.” Curman also points out that “customers have noticed a better air quality when they walk into our shop, and that’s our priority.”

QA Collision

Achieving high customer satisfaction is very important to Ivan’s Quality Assured Collision facility, as it is to all QA Collision shops, and they look forward to servicing your vehicles with environmentally friendly car paint that is of a high standard.

To see if your local Quality Assured Collision is using PPG waterborne paint, please contact the shop directly.

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