QA Collision Renovations – From Humble Roots to Modern Buildings

In 1978, Tom Watson took over the operation of Signal Collision in Marysville, B.C. and decided to purchase the business in 1980. Operations have been steady ever since. When it was first bought, the shop consisted of two bodywork bays, one paint room, a small office, and a very small bathroom. As time wore on, the need for more space became apparent so that Signal could focus on and provide more for their customers.

The introduction of unibody vehicles on the market necessitated the addition of a body work bay to house Signal’s new frame bench so that they could do unibody repairs properly. This was added in 1983 along with another bay for their then newly purchased downdraft paint booth.

Tom and his wife, Maureen, worked together to build a quality collision facility. Their market share continued to grow as evident by their growing customer base and they became so popular that, by 1995, they were forced to give up their personal two bay garage (located on the same property) for 2 more body work bays. Over the years, they tried hard to maintain the appearance of their old building, but finally decided that drastic action was required if they were going to continue to work out of this facility.

Instead of constructing an entirely new building, the decision was made to do a major renovation. Work began on August 13, 2012. Tom and Maureen’s son and manager, Kelly Watson, and all of the Signal’s staff deserve a big pat on the back for their professional service while trying to work in the middle of a construction zone! The owners are grateful to all of them for their amazing patience.

As for the progress of the shop, phase one is almost complete and phase two, which includes adding four more bays to the body work area as well as a new office, is underway as of May 10, 2013.

They hope to have the work area completed by the fall so that they can better accommodate their customers and have more work space available for winter repairs.

Please stop on by for a peek inside the new workspace and for a quick hello. This renovation ensures that Tom and and Maureen’s Signal’s Quality Assured Kimberly location will be around for a long time to accommodate you and all your vehicle needs.


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