History of Auto Body Repair

It took a number of years for the auto body and collision repair sector to be where it is today. Built out of necessity, it’s an area that’s seen many different struggles, regulations, and changes, but has come out as one of the most respected and evolving industries of the past century.

In 1908, the first vehicle was mass produced, the Model T Ford. This made cars accessible to the common individual at an affordable price. Before this, transportation options were train, horse, ship, bicycle, or foot, so when the car was first introduced, there were no professional mechanics, auto repair, or collision shops. Typically, one would seek out someone like a bicycle mechanic or machinist to fix a vehicle, or try to repair it by themselves.

By the time the 1920s came roaring into view, cars were becoming very commonplace and manufacturers were making standardized parts that were easily interchangeable. Dealerships and independent repair companies began employing mechanics who could easily fix cars, with abundant resources. Of course, in the 1930s, the industry took a hit, much like all other industries. Work was scarce and business slowed down until after the war, when it boomed again.

When the 1960s came around, people wanted more speed; mechanics and auto body shops saw a lot of business doing customizable work. This introduced a more precise and standardized way of working on vehicles. The 1970s changed the industry as well. Plastics became more readily available and drivers were looking for lighter, more fuel efficient vehicles. Cars began looking completely different than they did a decade previous with the mandatory introduction of safety windshields, head restraints, torque boxes, and seat belt. Vehicles were becoming safer, and collision repair was becoming more standardized because of all safety changes made to cars.

As we rolled into the new millennium, vehicles continued to change drastically with the introduction of computerized components and modern electronic systems. This has greatly affected auto mechanics because they must have a broader base knowledge than ever before.

At QA Collision, we take the auto and collision repair business very seriously and value the history of our trade. All of our professionals are highly-trained and skilled, and are proud to carry the legacy of the auto body repair industry into the future. Please stop by any one of our locations the next time you’re in need of automotive repair.

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