Terminal Quality Assured Collision

Terminal Auto Body, a Quality Assured Collision repair shop has been servicing Vancouver Island in Parksville, BC for over 35 years. Not only does their shop provide exceptional service, they also utilize new and exciting machinery to aid in that service.

Recently, Terminal Auto Body has  introduced a new product to their shop: the NitroHeat NH1. It is a nitrogen generation system that reduces paint consumption by providing an almost flawless steady stream of paint. It converts compressed air to 98% pure, heated nitrogen, which is ideal for waterborne and solvent based paint applications.

This high-quality machine provides multiple benefits, but one of the standouts to owner Al Descoteau is the quality finish that it provides to customers. “We have a much more consistent finish using the NH1 and that is something that benefits our customer greatly.” Those who have had their cars re-painted using this system notice a faster turn around time and an evenly applied finished product. And while the customer is the most important factor that went into purchasing the NH1 at Terminal Auto Body, a reduced impact on the environment was also considered.

The makers of the NH1, NitroHeat, made sure to place an emphasis on eco-consciousness, ensuring that the system was produced as environmentally friendly. Descoteau notes that “it’s a great system that delivers paint more efficiently to the surface, reducing overspray.” An extra added bonus? Because the system provides little overspray and an even paint coating, drying times are accelerated resulting in reduced costs for the shop.

With the help of the NH1, the quality of the auto painting at Terminal Auto Body is more noticeable.  When you bring your car in you may also notice a difference in the time saved refinishing your vehicle. Saving time and a quality finished product are just another couple reasons to bring your vehicle to Terminal’s Quality Assured Collision.

For more information, please visit the NitroHeat website at nitroheat.com.


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