When Will My Car be Ready?

At all 13 Quality Assured Collision and Glass locations, we try to be as accurate as possible when advising our completion times, and there are a few things that we consider when estimating when your vehicle will be done and ready for pickup. We make a solid effort to keep our customers informed of their vehicle’s progress during the repair stage.

First and foremost, the completion time of your vehicle is dependent on a number of factors. Unfortunately, we can’t just say it will be done in five days and always know for sure. There are however, a few things that are in our control.

Generally, we can complete 3.5 hours of labour each day. As a simple example, the industry standard time to paint a front bumper on a 2014 Toyota Corolla is 3.6 hours for refinishing, and 1.9 for removing and installing the bumper. This job could possibly be finished the same day or be ready for pickup the next day.

From experience, we also know that most jobs can be done by the end of the week. Alternatively, if it is a simple estimate for a small ding or bumper scratch, we could be finished the same day, and when there is extensive work such as frame damage or jobs that require greater repair or painting, we could take longer.

Certain elements will always be out of our control when estimating repair time. If the claim processing is taking longer than expected or ICBC wants to take another look at your vehicle, then our completion time may be delayed. If we need certain parts or paint for your vehicle and they are out of stock or have a long shipping time, that could be another element out of our hands. And lastly, if we are experiencing high volume in our shops, it may take longer for your repair.

At Quality Assured, we know that time is a valuable commodity. It can be a nuisance to be without your car for an extended amount of time and we want to keep our repair times as quick as possible. We try our best to return your vehicle on time. The most important thing, we think, is getting your vehicle repaired properly and to industry standard so that you can go home with Our Service Guarantee. We can keep you notified of the progress on your vehicle by email or by phone, just let us know when you drop off your car.

We’ve built our name on providing guaranteed, quality service to our customers. If you need any auto body repair work or glass work done on your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact any one of our British Columbia Quality Assured repair shops. We will always have your vehicle finished in a timely, professional manner.