QA Collision Membership Benefits

Quality Assured is proud to stand behind all of the benefits we offer because we’ve seen them work first hand in our shops. We believe in loyalty to our members and that our shared interests build us into a stronger group. Our benefits are what make your membership worthwhile!

Benefits include

  • Networking opportunities with established business partners
  • An average KPI score of 104.2 and average NPS of 86.6%
  • Insurance company and fleet company relationships
  • Quality Assured PPG performance groups
  • Team support and leadership regarding facility internal audits
  • Promotional items and marketing programs
  • Group advertising campaigns
  • Standard Quality Assured guarantees
  • A management coordinator to organize and liaise with the ARA and Insurance Companies, and to help with the implementation of our operations manual
  • A group website with the latest technology and search engine marketing
  • Annual meetings to discuss new and innovative marketing and operational ideas, improve efficiency, and share knowledge and experience
  • Financial performance report sharing to increase awareness highs and lows in the industry
  • OEM and aftermarket parts discount savings
  • Supplier rebates
  • Group purchase discounts for tools and technology
  • Participation in QA events

…and many more!

Being a member of the Quality Assured Collision Services Group ensures support with partnerships that are unparalleled in the industry. Although we’re made up of individual shops throughout the province, we are happy to maintain credible and community-oriented workplaces.

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