QA Collision Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Quality Assured Collision Services

Quality Assured Collision Services is an elite group of independent auto body repair shops. Each member is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of collision repair, as well as being accredited by ICBC. At QA Collision, we're more than just a network. We are established members of the community who have developed a reputation for quality workmanship and integrity.

Our network stretches across British Columbia, with 17 locations in various cities, including:


  • Abbotsford
  • Armstrong
  • Campbell River
  • Cranbrook
  • Creston
  • Golden
  • Hope
  • Kelowna
  • Kimberley
  • Ladysmith
  • Mission
  • North Vancouver
  • Parksville
  • Powell River
  • Surrey
  • Vancouver

Back in 1992, Quality Assured Collision started with just ten founding members. These independent auto body shops saw the need for a united front in the industry to get more value in advertising and purchasing dollars. This move was all about adapting to a changing market and dealing with the tough reality of tighter profits – a challenge that’s still around in the auto body business today.

Joining the QA Collision Group

Interested in joining our collision repair network? We’re so glad to hear! We’re on the lookout for auto body shops that are not just excited about joining us, but also keen on upholding high-quality standards and procedures.

We value a positive attitude and require complete adherence to all QA Collision contracts and private programs. Being proactive in addressing any issues, whether they're related to customers, insurance, or membership, is also valued. Additionally, we expect you to be a member of the Automotive Retailers Association, hold ICBC accreditation status, maintain a good credit standing, and successfully complete an initial walkthrough of your facility.

In our network, each shop owns an equal part of Quality Assured Collision Services and has the same say in how we operate. We're all about being independent yet united, focusing on mutual loyalty among ourselves and our business partners. Together, we create more value thanks to our collective volume, earning us recognition as a trusted, dynamic, and integrity-driven group.

Being part of QA Collision gives you the independence to run your shop with the added advantage of group support. This includes being recognized in the industry, getting involved in the community, and having access to advertising and buying power that's typically beyond the reach of a single shop.

We also roll out promotional materials, advertising campaigns, a collective website, rebates from suppliers, and groups for performance improvement. Our annual general meetings are a chance to exchange innovative ideas and strategies, and we also organize various exciting QA Collision events. One of the biggest perks is maintaining a consistent brand image and adhering to shared high standards that set us apart.

  • Vancouver

Additional Considerations for Future Members

Absolutely. QA Collision not only offers exceptional operational support but also provides opportunities for professional development, networking, and knowledge-sharing among members.

At QA Collision, we help each of our member shops get noticed. We do this by putting together group advertising campaigns and providing marketing materials that make your shop stand out. It's all about getting your shop the visibility and recognition it deserves.

Our unique blend of independence and collaborative support sets us apart. We believe in the power of teamwork – every member's success adds to the whole group's reputation and achievements. It's about each shop doing its own thing while also being part of something bigger.

Want to Partner Your Auto Body Repair Business with QA Collision?

Connect with us to explore the possibilities and benefits of becoming a QA Collision member. Reach out today for more details or to start your journey with us. Contact QA Collision online to learn more.