The 411 on Replacement Vehicles

The 411 on Replacment Vehicles

All Quality Assured Collision and Glass locations are happy to provide you with a replacement vehicle while your car is in the shop being repaired. You can be confident knowing you’ll be taken care of.

Some of our locations have their own fleet of courtesy vehicles, while others have direct links to rental companies such as Budget or Enterprise; either way, you’ll have a vehicle at your disposal for the duration of the time your vehicle is in repair.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide our shops with notice prior to needing a replacement vehicle, this way we can ensure it’s ready for you when you arrive. If you don’t foresee driving while your car is in one of our shops, we may also supply you with fare for a bus or taxi, or a ride home from one of our employees.

Please note that any replacement vehicle that Quality Assured provides you with requires that your vehicle has collision coverage. Rental vehicles may also require a credit card authorization or deposit.

If you have Loss of Use coverage, you are covered for rental car costs and can go directly to a rental car company, but it is often much more convenient if QA handles any alternate transportation for you.

All QA shops are here to help with your ultimate transportation needs when you’re in an accident. You can count on us for all your collision and replacement vehicle needs.

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