Aluminum Wheel Repair

Do You Need Aluminum Wheel Repair?

At Quality Assured Collision Centers across British Columbia, our specialized skills in aluminum wheel repair set us apart. From minor cosmetic damage to more severe issues like bends or cracks, our certified and trained technicians across our network are equipped to assess and address aluminum wheel damage. We offer a full evaluation to decide if your wheels are still usable without compromising safety before deciding on the best course of action.

Aluminum Wheel Restoration

Aluminum wheel damage we can address includes:

  • Scratches and scrapes
  • Chipping and peeling paint
  • Curb impact damage

Although many aluminum wheels can be returned to a near-original condition, some may require replacement. In conjunction with wheel repair, we’ll advise if a wheel alignment is also necessary. Our team is dedicated to presenting you with the most cost-effective solutions to return your vehicle to the road, prioritizing both safety and aesthetics.

Why Is Aluminum Wheel Maintenance Important?

Addressing minor damages on your aluminum wheels is not only for the look of the vehicle but also for maintaining its integrity. Unrepaired scratches can lead to oxidation, and in harsh conditions like winter, the deterioration can accelerate. This corrosion, if neglected, may compromise the wheel's seal with the tire, causing persistent air loss and potentially necessitating a complete wheel replacement.

Why Choose Aluminum Wheels?

Aluminum wheels, typically crafted from an alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and nickel, offer many more advantages over traditional steel.

  • Better visual appeal
  • Greater design versatility
  • Resilience against corrosion
  • Strength and lightweight nature
  • Improved vehicle dynamics
  • Improved braking
  • Less suspension strain
  • Efficient heat dissipation from brakes
  • Fuel economy benefits

Aluminum wheels are outshining steel in popularity due to their aesthetic appeal and performance benefits. Have more questions about your wheels? Contact QA Collision.

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Get Aluminum Wheel Repair Today

Questions about aluminum wheel repair? Please reach out to us or visit your nearest QA Collision center to speak with our experts directly. At QA Collision, our commitment extends beyond just auto body repairs as we aim to provide you with a service that keeps your aluminum wheels, and your vehicle, in optimal condition for the road ahead.

Experience local shop service with big brand expertise. Reach out for a wheel repair service or wheel alignment today.


Yes, QA Collision is proud to be an ICBC-accredited repair network, offering specialized aluminum wheel services. Our accreditation ensures we meet stringent quality standards and possess the necessary expertise to handle your aluminum wheel repair needs.

While we strive to repair a wide range of aluminum wheel damage, the feasibility of repair depends on the severity and location of the damage. Our skilled technicians assess each case to determine whether a repair can be safely performed without compromising the wheel's integrity.

You can easily find a QA Collision auto body shop near you through our online shop locator or by contacting us directly. Our customer service team will guide you to the nearest ICBC-approved location for your aluminum wheel repair needs.

Choosing an ICBC-certified repair shop like QA Collision ensures that your aluminum wheels are serviced by highly trained professionals using state-of-the-art equipment. This not only restores the aesthetic appeal and performance of your wheels but also ensures the repairs meet the safety standards required by ICBC.

Yes, our facilities are equipped to handle repairs for both aluminum and steel wheels. Our technicians are trained to address the unique repair needs of each material with precision and care.

We understand the inconvenience of being without a vehicle. QA Collision offers courtesy cars subject to availability, ensuring that your daily routine is minimally disrupted while we repair your aluminum wheels.

After your aluminum wheels are repaired, regular maintenance is key. We recommend periodic cleaning to remove road salts and grime, use cleaners specifically designed for aluminum, and check your wheels for any signs of damage regularly. If you notice any issues, bring your vehicle back to us for a check-up to maintain your wheels in pristine condition.