Every Quality Assured Collision & Glass auto body shop is a car paint shop and provides a variety of car painting services, from small touch-ups and scratch repairs to complete vehicle paint applications.

Car Painting Services With QA Collision

  • Primer, basecoat and clearcoat application
  • Sanding, masking & prepping
  • Tri-coat car painting
  • Two-tone car painting style
  • Pinstriping
  • Bumper retexturing
  • And more!

Scratch Repair & Color Matching

Not every scratch warrants a full car repaint, sometimes just a minor repair. Most of the time the car scratch has only damaged a smaller area, and only one panel will need to be painted. As a leading ICBC auto body shop group, QA Collision can address specific damaged panels, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

At our car paint shops, we use advanced color-matching technology to guarantee that any fresh paint blends seamlessly with your car's original shade. We meticulously treat damaged areas, using chemical cleaning and block sanded, to achieve a pristine end result.

Undercoat/Basecoat/Clearcoat Application

When it comes to giving your vehicle a fresh look, understanding the painting process can be invaluable.

  • Initial assessment and quote.
  • Pre-painting preparation.
  • Apply Undercoat (Primer) – This acts as a primer or sealer. Its main roles are to shield the car from erosion and rust and to ensure the basecoat adheres.
  • Apply Basecoat (Color) – This is where the color comes in. It's applied in thin, even layers to achieve the desired shade.
  • Apply Clearcoat (Top Coat) – The final layer, which is see-through. It provides protection to the paint and gives the vehicle its glossy finish.
  • Final inspection to ensure the paint job meets our quality standards.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Contact one of our ICBC-accredited auto body shops today to talk about your vehicle’s painting needs with our experienced teams.


The key to a perfect vehicle paint job is thorough preparation. The care and precision put into getting the vehicle ready for painting are the foundation of a quality paint finish.

  • We fix damaged car panels by repairing, filling, and sanding them to get a smooth finish.
  • We make sure the surface is set for painting and has no marks, dents, or tiny imperfections.
  • Before painting, the car undergoes one last sanding using fine-grit sandpaper.
  • It's then thoroughly washed to remove any residue, ensuring the workspace is spotless and free from dust.
  • We prepare the car by removing items like moldings, decals, trim, and handles.
  • Areas not meant for painting are covered to shield them from any paint spray.


We use high-quality PPG Envirobase High-Performance undercoat, basecoat, and clearcoat products, which are among North America’s leading eco-friendly water-based paint products.

Benefits of PPG paint products include:

  • Precise color-matching capabilities
  • Bright and consistent colors
  • Environmentally-responsible due to low volatile organic compounds (VOC)

For any further questions about our painting process or the car paint products we use, feel free to reach out to us online.

Get Your Vehicle Looking Brand New Again

Quality service at a BC car paint shop is just a click away. Get a no-obligation quote for our professional car paint and scratch repair services now.


For a detailed quote on a paint job or scratch repair, we recommend reaching out to one of our BC car paint shops online using our Auto Body Shop Locator. One of our ICBC-accredited shops will be happy to assess the extent of the damage and provide you with an estimate for your vehicle's needs.

Yes, each QA Collision car paint shop offers a lifelong warranty on auto body repairs, including paint jobs, for as long as you own the vehicle.

Not necessarily. At QA Collision, we understand that not every scratch requires a complete repaint. Often, only a specific panel may need attention, especially if the scratch has affected just a small portion of your car. We specialize in addressing these targeted damaged areas.

QA Collision uses cutting-edge color-matching technology and techniques in our car paint shops. This advanced system guarantees that any fresh paint applied matches your car's original color.

Quality Assured Collision & Glass auto body shops provide comprehensive car paint services to cater to varying customer needs. Services include:

  • Professional Car Painting Services
  • High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Paint Products
  • Scratch Repair
  • Color Matching
  • Custom Car Painting & Restoration

The duration to complete a paint job can vary based on the extent of work required, the complexity of color matching, and the shop's current workload. Typically, minor touch-ups and scratch repairs can be completed within a day or two, while a full vehicle repaint may take a week or more. Easily contact one of QA Collision's auto body repair shops for a more accurate estimate.