Seeking a custom car restoration or a vibrant new paint job? Turn to Quality Assured Collision & Glass. Multiple independently operated locations across BC cater to these specialized services.

Our Little Valley Collision & Glass location in Ladysmith brings over 30 years of experience in vehicle restoration and custom painting.

Vehicle Restoration

Revive your vehicle’s former glory with our full or partial restoration services, tailored to meet your vehicle's specific needs.

Full Restoration
Restore your vehicle to its original condition with OEM specifications. Full Restoration can include engine rebuilding, re-upholstery, body replacement, and interior components.

Partial Restoration
Opt for Partial Restoration when only certain parts or systems of your vehicle need restoration.


What is Vehicle Restoration?

Vehicle restoration is the art of restoring a vehicle to its original or better condition. This can involve repairs, repaints, or part replacements covering the vehicle's exterior, interior, and mechanical systems.

Vehicle Restoration is suitable for:

  • Classic Car Fans
  • Car Collectors
  • History Buffs
  • Resale and Showcases
  • Owners of Older Vehicles
  • Car Customization Enthusiasts

Restoration & Paint Shop Services

We swear by high-quality paint products like PPG Envirobase High-Performance Paint, and use modern tools and methods, ensuring the paint and restoration work is done well and follows industry standards.


Custom Paint Jobs
Choose from unique colors, finishes, and designs to make your vehicle stand out.

Decorative Elements
Add graphic elements like flames, stripes, or other designs to personalize your vehicle’s appearance.

Paint Services

Precision Color-Matching
Utilizing modern techniques and color-matching technology for a flawless finish.

Professional Multi-layer Painting
Achieve the desired look paired with durable paint protection.

Ready to Restore Your Vehicle?

Many of our independently operated locations across BC offer specialized custom car restoration services, with Little Valley Collision & Glass in Ladysmith boasting 30 years of vehicle restoration and custom painting experience.

For any inquiries about car restoration or custom paint jobs at any of our 17 BC locations, feel free to contact us today.

The Car Restoration Process

The car restoration process can bring your car back to its original condition or customize it to your preference.

  1. Assessment and Disassembly: The vehicle is carefully taken apart to inspect each component and evaluate the structural, mechanical, and cosmetic condition.
  2. Body and Frame Restoration: Any damaged body panels and frame sections are either repaired or replaced to prepare the body for painting.
  3. Mechanical Restoration: The engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and other mechanical systems are repaired or replaced.
  4. Electrical System Restoration: Rewire electrical systems and replace faulty or outdated components.
  5. Custom Painting and Finishing: Paint color and design elements like graphics or pinstripes are chosen, followed by painting and a clear-coat finish for protection.
  6. Reassembly: Mechanical, electrical, and interior components are re-installed, ensuring everything is aligned and functions properly.
  7. Interior Restoration: Refurbishment or replacement of upholstery, carpeting, and interior trim.
  8. Final Inspection and Testing: Thorough inspection to ensure all work aligns with our Quality-Assured standards.

Please note that each restoration project is unique, so the process may vary slightly based on the vehicle's condition, the owner's goals, and the availability of parts and resources.

Restore Your Car

Trust QA Collision for your car restoration. We offer consultations, advice, and estimates to guide vehicle owners on the best course of action for your restoration or customization project.


Cars suitable for restoration often include classic cars, vintage models, or vehicles with sentimental value. Owners of older vehicles or car customization enthusiasts may also opt for restoration with a QA Collision location to upgrade or preserve their vehicles.

At QA Collision, we use high-quality paint products like PPG Envirobase High-Performance Paint and modern color-matching technology to ensure a flawless finish. Our professional multi-layer painting technique also ensures durability and aesthetic appeal.

The duration of a restoration project at QA Collision can vary significantly based on the extent of restoration required, the vehicle's condition, and the availability of parts. It's best to discuss your project with our specialists at QA Collision for a more accurate timeline.

Absolutely! At QA Collision, we offer a range of unique colors, finishes, and decorative elements like graphics or pinstripes to personalize your vehicle and make it stand out.

Yes, QA Collision provides estimates for all our services. Feel free to contact us or visit any of our BC locations to discuss your project and receive an estimate.