View from the front bumper of a row of late model cars

Courtesy Car

All of our Quality Assured Collision & Glass locations can provide you with a service courtesy car (or replacement vehicle), so you can get around while your vehicle is being repaired. Some our our auto body shops have their own fleet of courtesy cars, while others have a direct link to rental companies such as Budget or Enterprise.

We recommend giving the QA Collision shop near you a call to let them know in advance that you will be needing a courtesy car. That way we can be sure to have a car ready for you.

Your vehicle’s collision coverage will protect you if you have an accident while driving your replacement. Each QA location has a Garage Policy that will cover any third-party liability.

Please note that in order to get a replacement vehicle with QA Collision, collision coverage is required. Rental vehicles may also require a credit card authorization or deposit.

Insurance Company Reimbursement

When you report a claim with ICBC or with any other insurance provider, and you have loss of use coverage, you will likely be reimbursed for replacement vehicle costs when your vehicle is:

  • Inoperable due to damages
  • Deemed unsafe to drive
  • In the process of being repaired

ICBC provides loss of use coverage, which must be used in conjunction with collision, comprehensive, or specified perils coverage. You can also get loss of use coverage as part of RoadStar or RoadSide Plus packages. This coverage allows you to start using a courtesy car or alternate transportation immediately after your claim is accepted.

Even if you do not have loss of use coverage, you will most likely be entitled to a replacement courtesy car when the other driver is found to be at fault based on your accident claim.

Most loss of use coverage has maximum per-day and total limits — check with your insurance adjuster for more details.

Whenever you file an insurance claim, we recommend that you keep all of your receipts as you may also be eligible for reimbursement of towing costs, public transit or taxi fares.

If you still have questions about a replacement courtesy car, please contact QA Collision and we’ll be glad to assist you.