QA Collision Application Process

Applying for Membership

In order to apply to be a member of Quality Assured Collision Services you must enquire with our group coordinator, Bill Cunningham, who will begin by vetting your QA Membership application. The application will then be presented to the existing members of the group and a vote will be held. The vote must be unanimous!

You must meet the following additional requirements:

  • Be a member of ICBC c.a.r. Valet in good standing.
  • Do high quality auto body repair work with an excellent NPS rating.
  • Be current with all suppliers and prepared to pay ALL your bills early. This has added enormous credibility and flexibility with our group.
  • Pass a background check with suppliers, ICBC, various private insurers, as well as associations such as the BBB and local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Be prepared to adopt the QA colours, logo’s, business cards, and signage.
  • Potentially change the colour of your building within a specified period of time.

Once QA Collision membership is confirmed, we will discuss fee structure, timeline of events, etc. There is a nominal one time set up fee and monthly fees thereafter. All discounts are returned to you.

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